Best motorbikes for tall riders

Being tall can be a blessing and a burden all-in-one, sometimes it can be quite hard to find things to suit your extra long back and legs. When you are tall, it can be hard to find the right motorcycle; it is as if the tallest man in the world is trying to drive the smallest car, knees around his ears and head ducking as low as possible. Here are some great motorbikes for tall riders; The Honda NC700X has an accommodating 33-inch seat height, it has upright handlebars and slightly more rearward foot pegs. This is one of many outstanding Motorcycles for tall riders. Now, with even more seat height, we have the Ducati Multistrada measuring up at 33.5-inches. The Multistrada only moves knees on an 83-degree angle, allowing for superior comfort. This motorcycle, however, is great for all body types and not just tall riders. The Yamaha Super Tenere offers flexibility with an adjustable seat height ranging from 33.3-inches to 34.3-inches and a comfortable 86-degree knee bend. As you can see, there are many motorbikes for tall riders. There is no reason not to get out on the wide open road and enjoy the scenery and exhilaration of riding a motorcycle.

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