Motorbike History – The Beginning

We all love seeing people riding on motorbikes either alone or with their girlfriends. Everyone has thought about owning a motor bike and joining one of those cool biker clubs with the cool leather jackets. However, few of us know about motorbike history. The motorbike history is in fact very interesting and begins in the late 19th century. The idea of the motorbike cannot be credited to one single individual because it seems that it came to various people in the engineering realm at the same time. The look of the motorcycle has remained the same since 1914. It has two basic parts which are the gasoline engine and the transmission system. how motorcycles work is very simple: the engine piston motions into rotary motions and the transmission system helps to transmit energy to rotate the back wheels. Navigation is done by body motions which involve leaning from side to side and using the handlebars to turn the front wheel for direction.

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