Motorbikes of the Future -BMW

The movie ‘Tron’ came out in 2010 and was set in a virtual world, one of the most amazing things about this movie were the motorbikes of the future. They were very creative and full of fun gadgets. Well, guess what? There is A ‘Tron’ like bike from BMW. During a display of motorbikes of the future BMW displayed their Motorrad vision next 100 vehicles that almost resembles the bikes in ‘Tron’. It does not only look like it, but it contains features that are definitely next generation. The motorbike has a self-balancing design and stands upright while stagnant or in motion using gyroscopes’. This bike also has what is called a digital companion in the form of smart glasses. These glasses ensure that you get the safest ride possible by collecting data from your field of vision and relaying it o the bike, it also alerts the rider on the hazards ahead ensuring a very smooth ride. With such technology, there will be no need for a helmet. The horizontal engine of this beautiful vehicle is also expected to be able to shapeshift when it moves. Though we have to wait about 100 years before Vision next 100 is officially launched.

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