Motorcycles are dangerous but so much fun!

Longstanding safety studies have been called upon for project funding to determine whether or not motorcycles are dangerous and to what degree. Although such funding has not been pledged, a new study of safety factors will help to determine legislative decisions and law enforcement recommendations. According to statistics showing that motorcycles are dangerous, it was found that 3/4 accidents involved a passenger vehicle and almost half of fatal accidents involved alcohol. As the motorcycle size increases, the severity of injuries increased with typical errors involving a sliding fall due to over breaking. Typically weather conditions are not a factor. The typical cause of motorcycle accidents is a failure of motorists to recognise motorcyclists on the road and violate their right-of-way. Insurance for dirt bike owners can remain low if accidents are minimal, and through improved safety. Wearing appropriate gear such as a helmet and durable gloves, jacket, and pants can substantially mitigate crash injuries. Wearing conspicuous clothing such as bright colours, or reflective clothing could greatly increase safety.

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