Women Bikers – Espadrilles And Leather

During summer days, there is nothing quite like donning leathers and heading out into the wide open countryside. In the world of motorcycles, there are many variations of bikes and many different people who ride them. Today, whether for the freedom, adventure or independence, women around the world are choosing leather bikers boots over their Espadrilles more and more. There are now hundreds of women’s clubs in Canada and the U.S. alone Harley Davidson, the industry leader, has been trying to attract female riders for years. Honda, who recently focussed on a proper fit for women riders, with lower seat heights, have doubled their market share with more than 30% of their sales to women. They are also the fastest growing demographics in the Powersports industry, traditionally an extremely male-dominated area. Women that choose to ride their own bike are becoming powerful creatures!

Women on motorbikes are powerful creatures

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